Life as an INTO student

15 minutes

Many students who study at INTO have successfully achieved high grades to be able to progress onto a high-ranked university in the UK. The efforts of students and staff help support students on their academic journey and career paths.


Your Tasks

Listen to Abdulrahim's experience and answer the questions that follow.

Then, click on 'Preview quiz now' to view more video clips and start answering the questions.

You can take the quiz as many times as you need.


Study Advice

Use the following ideas to help you answer the listening activity questions:

  1. Listen to the recording the first time without making notes – just listen for the main ideas.
  2. Listen to the recording a second time to become familiar with the vocabulary.
  3. When you listen to it a third time, take notes that will help you to answer the quiz.
  4. Read the quiz questions at least twice before answering.
  5. When you have finished the quiz you will have the opportunity to review the questions and the correct answers.